Knowledge: A Non-Performing Asset That Banks Love

This article has been contributed by Harshita, with inputs from the entire team.

Just yesterday, one of my friends was talking to me of her break-up (no, not over drinks) and her incessant talk hovered around the assertion that it would have worked if she knew the guy better. To be honest, she failed to secure my undivided attention (not because her story was unappealing, but primarily because I was continuously thinking of a topic for my next article). During that long phone conversation, I stumbled upon a topic for this post.

Owing to the well-paced growth of retail banking operations in India, the Reserve Bank of India introduced the “Know-Your-Customer” norms for all banks, in late 2002. Though I cannot help my dear friend in resolving her “Know-Your-Mate” issue in relationships, I can definitely shed some light on the KYC norms adopted by the Indian Banking system as well as other regulatory bodies.


Those who are thinking, that this article is of no use to them, since they are not related to the banking sector should amend their opinion because if not employees, they are bank customers for sure.

Often, we come across the term “KYC norms” while reading newspapers (Did you read this one?), filling out forms etc., but do you really understand its significance? Continue reading “Knowledge: A Non-Performing Asset That Banks Love”