Frequently Forgotten, No More!

Contributed by Harshita, with inputs from the entire team.

We all like to get gifts, don’t we? And more so because the Valentine day just passed us by, we deserve gifts. So to keep up the tradition that many a teenage hearts have begun, I will shower you with some precious gifts that will do you well in this tax season. So, unlike the gifts that you get on the 14th Feb these gifts are meaningful and precious (Haww, Did I just say that 😛). As the previous articles on this blog, we demonstrate our love for salaried people this time as well. So, here is a list of tax-saving investment options, which you need to keep in mind.

Following is an illustrative list of tax-friendly investment options:

  • Provident Fund (PPF)
  • National saving certificate s (NSC)
  • Equity linked saving schemes (ELSS)
  • Unit linked Insurance plans (ULIP)
  • Post office saving scheme

Duhh, haven’t we covered these already? Yes, most of them in great detail.

In order to break this monotony, we conducted a small research to understand the general composition of deductions. As expected, most of the participants had their 80C sorted. Seeing that, we came up with a thought of shedding some light on the frequently forgotten/unclaimed deductions (Well, you are all champions in 80C). Continue reading “Frequently Forgotten, No More!”