Harsh Singh Chauhan

Harsh Chauhan, Designated Partner at Fundamental Investing & Research LLP

Harsh is well-versed with secondary research on publicly-traded companies. He has a wealth of experience in evaluating company fundamentals and has written more than 500 investor-focused articles for a number of renowned multimedia financial services companies based out of the U.S. Harsh specializes in the technology sector (semiconductors) and has a good record of calling out companies as accurately as possible. Currently, Harsh heads his own boutique research firm and his team primarily focuses on commodities such as oil, gold, and silver.

Mohit Arya_Photo

Mohit Arya, Founder @ Mohit Arya & Associates

Mohit, a successful Chartered Accountant and a CFA aspirant (cleared two levels already) explored his entrepreneurial instincts when he took the tougher decision to commence his Chartered Accountancy practice in Kolkata. Sticking to his decision, he has completed three years in practice and as he claims, “he loves doing what he does.” Mohit secured his bachelors degree from one of India’s leading commerce colleges i.e. St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

His practice aside, Mohit is an avid investor and keeps himself busy studying about companies, macroeconomics and Indian cap markets in general. One interesting thing about Mohit is that while normal people are scared and skeptic about the Income Tax officials and the system, he loves Income Tax and deals with Income Tax cases like a breeze. He is also a faculty member at Bengal Institute of Business Studies (A business school based out of Kolkata).

To know more about Mohit or just to bug him a little :P, just use these coordinates: | 919831750629.

tarun bachhawat

Tarun Bachhawat, ACA 

If you haven’t figured out yet, Tarun is our rockstar guest contributor (doesn’t the picture say it out loud :P) with a natural knack for research and financial journalism. Currently, Tarun is employed with Exide Industries in the heritage city of Kolkata and prior to this, he has worked with a reputed Disney licensee based out of Kolkata.  In addition to his work, he has been a regular contributor to investment websites Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha for 3 years and has written over 100 articles in the said time span.

In his leisure time (don’t really know how much of it he gets), Tarun loves to watch movies and like his work and writing, he loves experimenting with different cuisines with special preference for spicy food. To know more about him, please reach out to him on

Anchal Beriwala_Picture

Anchal Beriwala, CS, CA & ICWAI finalist

*Drum rolls* Welcome our guest contributor Anchal to the Fintuned Family. Considering that you are fairly aware with the degrees Anchal has obtained and the ones she is pursuing, let us tell you a little bit about what she has done and what is she upto 😉 Currently, Anchal is employed with Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai and prior to that she was handling a fashion house. She is an avid reader and also loves to write. Need to read about it, just click here.

However, it doesn’t really stop here. Anchal has many more talents that we haven’t spoken about yet 😉

When Anchal is not working, she takes to charcoal paintings and has taken a diploma from the academy of fine arts, Kolkata. In addition, she has also taken up French as an additional language. Already tired? Well, Anchal also loves to travel and plays guitar. Yes, she is our complete rockstar.

If you wish to reach out to her, please use the coordinates | 9884336722