Back to college with “Lose Un-aware, Get Fin-aware” 23-02-2018

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Back to college with "Lose Un-aware, Get Fin-aware" two day masterclass in collaboration with Young Indians (CII) at KJ Somaiya (SIMSR). Good fun and a great experience :) The brownie point on top of everything is to get a call from the college to learn that they simply loved it! Thanks to my super stars Rahul, Vidit, Riddhi, Rohit, Vivek, Akanksha and Tanishka!

We’re bringing our buns to Kemps Corner 23-02-2018

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

In a few days from now, Rohan is coming to hit the SoBo taste buds with a creation that I have honestly not found an alternative for

‪Vidyalankar Institute Of Technology 23-02-2018

Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400037, India

3/5: Had to lose the blazer this time around or else it gets "too serious" and I don't think students like that! Thank you Vidyalankar Institute Of Technology (School of Business) Young Indians & Toshita Dharmadhikari for this!

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