Mihir Mehta

Mihir Mehta

Investment Banker. Chartered Accountant. Ex-Googler. In his current avatar, Mihir works full-time with the investment banking team of a diversified financial services entity i.e. Ashika Capital He is based out India’s financial and entertainment capital aamchi Mumbai and can be found hanging out with amazing people at phenomenal food joints. In love with creating fun-to-read content (a term that won’t be found in any dictionary :P), he gets frequently involved with freelance journalism assignments and in his free time, Mihir prefers constantly doing something that he hasn’t done before. A self-proclaimed fan of formula one racing, Elon Musk and his companies, everything tech, carefree lifestyle of Charlie Sheen and so on and so forth, he never runs out of topics to talk on. So, if you are looking out to have an interesting chat about anything under the sun, just shout out to him on OR Connect with him on LinkedIn/Facebook

Riddhi Kharkia is a successful Chartered Accountant and a Company Secretary (So, has she done her bachelors or not :P). In order to do something worthwhile after securing these heavyweights, she has taken up a job with a reputed multinational financial services company (Phew, could have just said the name). To be honest, this is something that most CAs can do, but watching DDLJ for over a 100 times is what she can do, and has done. A movie-enthusiast, voracious reader, hobby chef, and money researcher (that word, she invented), are a few aspects that define her. Need to know more? Reach out to her on or connect with her on LinkedIn





Rohit Agarwal, Chartered Accountant

“There are three kinds of people in this world” – Those who are good at Math and those who aren’t ;). From scoring a top notch 100 in Math at school level, Rohit Agarwal has come a long when it comes to playing with numbers and making a symphony out of them. On the professional front, Rohit works  with India’s largest private sector conglomerate Reliance Industries Limited and in his spare time, he loves to find amazing companies with solid fundamentals to be invested in. At Fintuned, Rohit takes care of everything numbers and has been a constant support to the team in building its own portfolio 😀

You can reach out to him on LinkedIn for a quick chai pe charcha 😉


Vivek Singhi, CA Aspirant & Graduate from St. Xavier’s, Kolkata

Besides pursuing his CA course, Vivek has executed a successful stint at a financial services entity in Bombay. When he is not preparing for his examination, he can be found traveling with a camera in one hand and a book/article on Sachin Tendulkar in other. As he says, he loves both and would give up anything (mind you, anything ;)) to keep doing what he loves. Well, Vivek is a man of many colors and is always up for new challenges whether it be from his domain of expertise or not. Hobby chef, tech follower, F1 enthusiast etc. are just some of the ways one can describe him. Wish to find out whether Fintuned is yet another challenge for him?

Well, reach out to him on LinkedIn or leave him an email on and start chatting 🙂

Vidit Dugar, B.Sc Economics Student at NMIMS, Mumbai [The most eligible bachelor ;)]
Vidit Dugar, a 19 year old with a brain and aspirations undeserving of that age, is an amalgam of talents. He represents the achievers, the dreamers, the sporty, the orators, “almost-nerds”, the renowned, the all in one…that you would encounter in your lifetime, who just happens to be studying Economics, one of his biggest passions and excels at it. Vidit wants to see a future with innovative businesses with stronger economic plans and with every action that he takes, every article he writes, constantly strives towards a term that he coined called “Innovention”. Despite all his achievements and successes, Vidit is a humble learner and continues to work towards educating as well as being educated by the world and all the lessons it has to offer.

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