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About the concept

Fintuned is a combination of two words i.e Finance and Tuned (Well, you can call it a portmanteau!) and stands essentially for its purpose of being tuned into the realm of finance. The growth of social media has promoted communication at unimaginable levels and one of the components of this unimaginable levels is the comfort people have achieved while sharing their financial stories.

Money has traditionally been a sensitive topic of discussion, but the recent surge in information sharing has brought out stories of people related to money crises, planning etc. and most of the accounts involve planning for finance, recovering from a financial down or simply, building wealth.

Sensing the need of people to know more about money management, we came across the idea of Fintuned as an attempt to build a learning and doing portal for picking up and sharing money-related knowledge. Well, all of us have  heard of the five senses that help us perform all our tasks and more often than not, we have been told about the all pervasive sixth sense:  The Common Sense Now let us introduce you to a seventh indispensable sense for living a fulfilling life i.e The Money sense . Happy reading and learning! Cheers.

P:S: We love and appreciate participation and therefore, it will be a pleasure to give your opinions a platform. So, if you are interested in putting up a creative piece up on Fintuned’s posts page, please drop a line to 

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18 thoughts on “The Concept”

  1. Awesome initiative Mihir, Harsh and the entire team. Its really encouraging to see you people starting this venture. All the best for your endavour.

  2. Wonderful initiative guys.. I just love the team and it would be great to see you guys set rolling from here…good luck !!

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